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Patient Testimonials
  "I have been a patient of Dr. Samadder’s for almost 10 years now.  He is courteous and listens to my concerns.  I had a difficult time adjusting to the machine and I was offered several different options and advice to help me acclimate to use of the cpap device.  Without the care and concern of the physician and his staff, I don’t believe I could have gotten used to this treatment.  They were patient and caring and helpful.  Dr. Samadder has been helpful in helping me with my pulmonary issues as well."

-Melissa B.


"Dr. Saha is an amazing physician.  I have a complicated medical history and have been diagnosed with some serious neurological issues.  Without his help, I don’t think I would have the quality of life that I do now.  He also was able to diagnose me with sleep apnea and I now sleep better than I have ever slept in my life with the cpap machine.  He is one of the most intelligent physicians I have ever dealt with and I would recommend his care to anyone with sleep or neurology disorders."

Kandy P.


"My son was referred to Dr. Kalra for an evaluation from his ENT physician.  He needed a sleep study to help qualify him for ENT surgery.  I was impressed with the care that Dr. Kalra gave to my son.  He was thoughtful and helped my son feel at ease.  His gentle bedside manner is excellent."

-Amy J.